Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating Salad Wisely: On a diet.

Okay so you gained about 20 or so pounds over the annual winter hibernation. Now you're dreading the shorts, tank tops and especially swimsuits in your closet. Hell, some are even dreading the cute cap sleeve shirt as the sleeve seam cuts into their newly acquired sausage arms. If you're suddenly feeling the heat of spring and noticing that you both look and feel like a deli salami/cheese hanging from the shop window (wrapped in strings while bulging out at any opportunity) it's time to put away the the gravy and mash, unless you're embrasing Moniques "F.A.T. girl jeans".

Let's get real for a moment. No one feels like eating excessively when its hot outside. So don't load up your salad with excess fattiness and break your calorie bank for the day.

Essential rules for a wise salad:

1. Avoid croutons/noodles/whatever excess carbs you may be offered/put on the salad.
2. ALWAYS order dressing on the side (no one needs greens bathing in fatty dressing)
3. If you're making the salad, try to avoid store bought dressings. They're usually full of additives. And the natural ones are usually fattening.
4. Avoid creamy dressings like the plague
5. avoid cheese (feta etc) and eggs in salads like the flu
5. Load up your salad with starch free veggies
6. if you want some protein in there, make sure it's lean protein. No deep fried tofu cubes....hello, did you not hear "deep fried"?
7. potato/egg/tuna/chicken salads..the types that come in a tub or in sandwiches are not diet salads. If you're on a diet, they shouldn't exist to you in the "salad" category. You may as well just eat half a jar of mayo.
8. Try making your own dressing at home from lemon juice, a bit of HEALTHY oil such as olive oil (oil is still high cal!) and some salt and pepper.
9. Try mixing up your salad with exotic/artisan vinegars and olive oils. The range of different flavours will astound you.
10. Throw in some fruits or berries in moderation into a veggie salad to add interest.

Most importantly enjoy the salad and don't forget to work out!

Keep it fresh!

First crunchy fresh post

I am a salad fiend. I admit to my salad addiction. Part of the obsession came about from my constant need to diet. Though I've gotten so used to eating healthier options that i have grown to both love and crave the zesty freshness of a good salad. I dedicate this blog to fellow salad lovers and encourage to post awesome salad recipes and favourite salad serving restaurants!

Viva la salad!